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    How long does a Data recovery lasts?

    Unfortunately there is no specific timetable. Each hard drive is a unique case.

    The availability of spare parts has to do with time. If there parts available time does not exceed three days.
    When there is no availability, information is given to the client about a schedule of recovery that can be overcome one month.

    Also the capacity of the disc has to do with the recovery time. Surely the time for a 2TB hard drive is more, compared with a 120GB disk, as a scan of a 2TB can take more than 20 hours. Finally, the functionality of the drive after the repair can slow recovery.

    Many times even though the necessary repairs have been made, the drive might not be ‘stable’ and may need to slow the process so that we can pull data safely.

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    What are the chances to get my data back?

    Approximately 85-90% of the disks that are damaged are recoverable. Nevertheless there is a percentage that is not recoverable. One of the reasons to do analysis to your drive, is to determine if your data is recoverable and at what rate.

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    How do I get my data after recovery?

    You can send us your own storage medium to store your data there, or buy from us a tray at a very affordable price. If the capacity of your data is not large, we can move to a secure server, and you can download them safely.

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    What happens when the drive is not recoverable?

    When the drive is unrecoverable there is no charge. The only thing you pay is the shipping costs to send it back.


In many cases of data recovery Enterdata handles critical data of companies as well as private data…