The following data recovery prices are indicative, so that our customers know an estimated cost of recovering data, and not just the final price, as the price is determined after the diagnosis of the condition of the storage medium.

  • Normal Priority


    Evaluation within 2-3 business days

  • Priority Evaluation


    Evaluation within 24 hours



  • Recover Deleted Files

    Data recovery from a functional hard drive where data loss came from accidental deletion , virus, corrupted partitions or format. In some cases when recovering data from Linux,Unix,MacOs and other O/S which are not FAT/NTFS, may have an extra cost.

    50-100 €
  • Data Recovery from a Hard Drive

    Data recovery from a hard drive with PCB problem, F/W, Translator or with bad sectors.

    150-300 €
  • Data Recovery from a Hard Drive (Complex)

    Data recovery from a hard drive with head issue or motor problem where the replacement of parts is necessary in a clean room.

    350-600 €
  • RAID Data Recovery

    Data Recovery from RAID 0,2,3,4,5,6 where the hard drive are in good condition.

    400-800 €


  • Hand


    Stop any action on your computer and shut it down or any storage media damaged. Don’t, you or any of your friends. computer technicians, try to read data from a damaged storage media. This can result of a permanent damage of your hard drive. Keep the device off and contact us.

  • Email


    Contact us by phone to discuss and solve your issues concerning your valuable data. You can also contact us.

  • Box


    If you are ready to send us the hard drive please put it in a box with safety add your contact info and send it for free via Speedex. If you are abroad please contact us to advise you with details of sending us the hard drive. You can also bring it by yourself to our company.

  • Magnify


    When the drive arrives to our company we do a check for Free to find out the damage. We also determine if the data are recoverable, the percentage of good data, the cost and the time of recovering your data.

  • Hand Pen


    If you accept the quote we begin the data recovery procedure. If we don’t proceed you can come and pick your drive from the company with no any charges. In case you want to send it back there is a 10,00€ charge.

  • Emoticon Smile


    When your data are successfully recovered, we will contact you to confirm the integrity of the data, pay us and receive the data. If you want we can send it with courier, you can check your data via a list, we arrange a payment method and we send the data.

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