04 January 2022
physical recovery
physical recovery

Physical data retrieval is the process by which useful information - data can be retrieved from various unreadable media. When we lose data that is important to our business, it can be much more economical and efficient to implement physical data recovery to restore it, than to recreate it from scratch.

In case the lost information cannot be reproduced, for example results from a study or calculations obtained after a long time, physical data recovery specialists can be the salvation from this difficult situation.

Recovering information from damaged material can be done using a variety of techniques. One method of retrieving physical data is to repair the material in which the data is placed. An example of this type of recovery is the removal of damaged electronic components from a board and their physical replacement or repair with special components or other high-tech methods.

In the event that your data storage media is corrupted, such as failed read-write heads on a hard disk, some information may be recovered by replacing the damaged parts of the hard disk or completely rebuilding it. That is, we bring the disk to a rudimentary function so that it works in a laboratory and we read its surface. The disc is no longer working.

After repairing the disk, the physical data recovery company or the technician who undertook it can use a specialized disk imaging process to recover every usable bit from the surface of your disk. This process may use software which, if mishandled, will cause further damage to the unit and therefore
should only be attempted by professionals. Professionals have the skills, know-how and experience to ensure that your physical data retrieval is done as smoothly as possible so that you can return to work with all your data again available for processing. Trust Enterdata for data recovery.