10 September 2021

For a few years now we have put SSDs in our lives for good. relatively economical with incredible performance and up to five years warranty from the manufacturer. I get the feeling that the user has rested with buying and installing an SSD on his computer or laptop regarding his data. They consider that it won't fail. ERROR. All storage media might fail. From those that cost two Euros up to two thousand Euros.
So a few days ago a GIGABYTE SSD arrived from a hotel with a PHISON 3111 controller. This controller can be found in other SSDs such as INTENSO, PATRIOT, GOODRAM and others. The disk was found to have a problem with the translator. We had 100% success and recovered all the critical data. Unfortunately there are controllers such as Sandforce SF-2281 where they are quite complex and no solution has been found yet. In short back up, back up, back up. Trust Enterdata for data recovery from SSD.