24 October 2020
SSD recovery
SSD recovery

Another special case arrived at our lab a few days ago. An SSD. And where is the peculiarity? There are now many companies that create SSDs, as opposed to mechanical drives where there are six manufacturers. Many SSD manufacturers use their own code in the controllers, where it makes data recovery very difficult. So the Intenso which arrived with the Silicon Motion controller SM2258XT is one of them. We managed with a lot of patience and perseverance to read the critical data for the client and to bring this project to complete success.
In my opinion regarding SSDs I will quote the following. Choose a branded such as Western Digital or Samsung. Do not be tempted to buy a SSD because of the price, to win 5 or 10 Euros (because that's the difference) and have problems in the future. Also choose a SSD with a longer warranty (there are SSDs with 3 or even 5 year warranty) Finally whichever SSD you choose, do regular back up. It's the only solution to be sure. All storage media can be damaged, mechanical HDDs, SSDs, Usb Sticks, DVDs.